The Field Family

“Having our house featured in one of my favorite magazines ever, Domino Magazine – is pretty bizarre and nothing we’d ever aimed for. Deirdre Doherty calls it a collaboration, since I did know a lot of what I wanted to do, and have been known to be opinionated! But she takes what you’d like and makes it work, plus she’s just generous and open to what her client wants, we are the ones who have to live there! I must say the nine months of work it took and going down to the studs wasn’t really all THAT difficult and that is 1000% thanks to Deirdre Doherty’s knowledge, expertise and her ability to make ergonomics and design equal partners. Most of all she somehow married my often off beat, funky, and oddly specific requests, Matthew Field’s epic kitchen requirements and made sure the house works for kids lives – all while looking sensational (but not requiring constant cleaning to keep it looking great). All on (gasp) a budget! Not a tall order at all ;)”

“It’s a comfortable home and is fun to live in. Only complaint is we never want to leave it! Best of all it looks like us, incorporates our collected artifacts, is set up to live like we live. Thank you Deirdre Doherty, we could have never had done it without you and we love, love, love you and our home….”

The Elliot Family

“I worked with Deirdre 10 years ago and recently hired her to design my custom home in 2016/2017. The DDI team is professional, organized and so talented! They really work to understand their individual clients needs and style and are constantly reinventing the wheel. Deirdre has many years of experience, has worked with many different types of people and is a rare blend of creative and business professional. She really has a way of blending traditional and transitional in a way that feels very fresh and timeless and her work is always layered and warm. She has high standards for contractors and quality. My advice is to trust her design sensibility and let her do her thing! When it is installed, you will be happy you did. Deirdre is a dream to work with and you will feel inspired just being around her.”

The Russo Family

“I don’t buy a spoon without consulting Deirdre, not because I don’t believe in my own taste, but because hers is impeccable. Since moving into our newest home four years ago she has curated valuable art, hand picked specific material for rugs, curtains, furniture, linens, you name it and I give her free reign! I am always blown away with the end result of a room that is more beautiful than the last!”

The Lautsch Family

“Deirdre Doherty is a designer, counselor and coach all built into one!  She worked with my family to understand our vision and exceeded our expectations!  We worked with her for almost a year through the design stage, material selection and execution.  Texture and warmth was a primary part of our template.  She did a superb job of sharing her dynamic perspective and orchestrating the results.”