Kitchen remodel. Artisan light fixture. Curved barstools. Redondo Beach.
Kitchen redesign. Redondo Beach. Artisan lighting. Stone island.
Loft remodel Redondo Beach. Spiral staircase. Wicker basket. Glass coffee table.
Loft remodel. Redondo Beach. Contemporary design.
Living room redesign. Leather ribbed chairs. White sofa, glass coffee table. Redondo Beach.
Room with deck access revamp. Day bed. Redondo Beach.
Bedroom redesign. Grey headboard. Plant decor. Redondo Beach.
Redondo Beach redesign. Living room, wood floors.
Outdoor patio remodel. Redondo Beach. Candle hutch. Deck furniture.
Revamped patio. Redondo Beach. Astro turf, wicker ornaments. square outdoor table.

Redondo Beach

Setting the stage for the rest of their lives


A picture may say a thousand words, but a masterfully staged home can tell the story of the rest of your life.


To tell that story to potential buyers, the developers of Redondo Beach’s spectacular One South Lofts are entrusting Deirdre Doherty Interiors to stage a model that’s a walk-through knockout. Textures and touches that reflect the relaxed beach culture. Shades, lines, and sheens that say, “upscale modern loft.” When complete, the décor will tell the tale of a life well-lived for anyone from affluent young families on their way up to Silicon Beach wunderkind on their way to early retirement.


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