L.A. Wholesale District

Inspiration has a new address.


It’s hard to be brilliant in a drab office. So when it came time for two noted film and TV production companies to create their new creative hotbeds, they called Deirdre Doherty Interiors to make sure they popped.


Both set in downtown L.A.’s historic City Market South (L.A.’s oldest produce market, reimagined with dining, retail and offices), the location alone is an inspired break from Hollywood convention. We’re taking it further, flipping the script on the typical office with a layout and interiors that feel like home—if home had a meditation room and a full gym next to the writers’ room. You never know where the next big movie will come from, but we’re betting it’s from a plush couch overlooking City Market South.


For press on the project, visit citymarketsouth.com.


These projects are currently in the inspiration phase. Check back later in 2017 for finished photos.