Let’s make sure E-Design is the right path for you. It all begins with an online consultation.   To make the most of that consultation, we’ll send a questionnaire before our scheduled appointment and review your answers in advance.


Afterwards, we tailor our follow-up to your needs. The result? A beautiful interior design plan with steps you execute yourself.

How does it work?

Built to meet your needs. Tested by our experience. Here’s what to expect.


Phone Call

Let’s make sure E-Design is the right path for you. If so, we’ll give you a quote, get your sign-off, and schedule an online consultation.

Online Consultation

You provide the space and we provide the vision. And we’ll listen to your needs as we virtually walk through your environment. After this online meeting we’ll leave equipped with all we need to create a design concept for you.

Plan and Design Concept

Time to envision a space you’ll love. We’ll pick the right products and provide you with guidance as to how to style the space once everything is delivered.

Deliver the Design Plan + Purchasing + Installation

Time to give you what you need to finish the job—beautifully. We provide a simple E-Design board that you can purchase and install on your own – on your own timeline.

If you prefer we measure and manage the purchasing and installation, that is also available on our full service path.

Want to learn more about our process or explore our services?  Contact us, we’d love to chat about your project.