Thanks for letting us tell you about ourselves.

We’re Deirdre Doherty Interiors, a Los Angeles based interior design and development firm with projects that dot the country.

Yes, our work has been celebrated in House Beautiful, Luxe Magazine, Home and Garden, Domino, LA Times, and the Wall Street Journal.

But it’s our client relationships that are most important to us.

We’re driven to truly understand each client’s spoken and unspoken needs. To create spaces that evolve with their lifestyle and taste. And we’ve been humbled to be called on, time and again, for their new projects and homes.

In addition to residential and commercial interior design and decorating, we bring a broad knowledge of ground up construction, remodeling, and real estate development for a process that’s also a thing of beauty.

Just as every person has a heartbeat, every home has a soul.

I believe that when you bring out that soul and harmonize it to the essence of those who live there, interior design becomes something more: a transformational power that allows life to expand in ways both dreamed and unforeseen.

A well-designed home has an energy you can feel—that heals. 

A beautiful room urges you to relax into its space. A treasured piece of art kindles wonder, bringing a smile to your face. A beautiful kitchen inspires you to whip up a tantalizing meal for family and friends. Allowing a home to serve all these needs and more is the healing power of interior design—and the heart of all we do.

The design is you. 

In my work, I’ve witnessed extraordinary changes in not only the homes, but the quality of life of those who live in them. I pride myself on respecting my client’s individual personality, vision, and needs, and I am committed to being their greatest design interpreter. After all, your home’s design is in you.

Deirdre Doherty

Founder. Lead Designer. Amateur Ceramicist.
Deirdre has been called many things, most notably ‘The Mixmaster of Style’ by Luxe Magazine. But our clients call upon her for her ability to sense the soul of a place and bring it out in interiors that feel at once surprising and like they’ve been there all along. She lives for that moment when a client steps into their new space and literally loses their breath because it’s more than they could imagine and exactly what they need. Her secret is 5% inspiration, 95% execution and a special backroom of her brain that’s always noodling floor tiles, furniture, and fixtures. On weekends Deirdre spends her time hiking the L.A. canyons, relaxing with her dog Jimmy, and figuring out what went wrong with her latest ceramic project. Deirdre has a BFA in Interior Design from FIDM and 15 years experience in Design and Development. She’s a former advertising exec (BFA, Communications from UCSB) and a born and raised Valley Girl (OMG).