Shop the Look: Bedding Down

Visual interest and comfort are paramount in bedding design. Most people ignore linens and vast options available to make your bed the most comfy thing ever.  We’ve gotten comments from vacation rental guests and even family asking us ‘how come our beds feel so nice?’.  Our little secret is that it is not all about the mattress and pillows. Those are super important but, the buck stop there but it doesn’t.

If you want your bed like a luxury hotel, you must layer. We are not talking about a million pillows, though you know we can’t help ourselves with a good decorative one. Do yourself a solid and check out Parachute Home. We love this female founded business’ ethos and return policy for you fickle sleepers.  As for visual tips, here’s a few pointers.  Overstuff your duvet, we dare you. If you have a queen mattress, get a king insert. Welcome to fluffy-town! If you have a king, try layering two thinner duvets inside. You’re welcome 😉  

We always add a coverlet whether it is a casual linen one that folds at the end of the bed for the dog to hang out on, or just tucks over the on top of the sheets, it adds to the luxury.  Quite a few people have been asking for quilts these days, opting out of the duvet shuffle. There are quite a few good-looking ones out there. But if you go that route, don’t forget to get a cozy blanket to layer on top.  Textured mohair or alpaca is really the way to go. 

Trust us on this one, there is no bedding upgrade that you will ever regret. You will wonder how you ever slept before.