Deirdre Doherty

Founder. Lead Designer. Amateur Ceramicist.

Deirdre has been called many things, most notably ‘The Mixmaster of Style’ by Luxe Magazine. But our clients call upon her for her ability to sense the soul of a place and bring it out in interiors that feel at once surprising and like they’ve been there all along.

She lives for that moment when a client steps into their new space and literally loses their breath because it’s more than they could imagine and exactly what they need. Her secret is 5% inspiration, 95% execution and a special backroom of her brain that’s always noodling floor tiles, furniture, and fixtures.

On weekends Deirdre spends her time hiking the L.A. canyons, relaxing with her dog Jimmy, and figuring out what went wrong with her latest ceramic project.

Deirdre has a BFA in Interior Design from FIDM and 15 years experience in Design and Development. She’s a former advertising exec (BFA, Communications from UCSB) and a born and raised Valley Girl (OMG).

Robin Chung

Sr. Designer. Project Manager. Powerhouse.

If Robin had a superpower—and she does—it would be fitting all of our client’s design dreams into the perfectly planned space. After working for several other firms, we snatched her up in 2012, and she’s been our go-to for space planning, design renderings and sewing secrets since.

Robin grew up in Seoul, South Korea then went on to get not one, but two BFAs: one in Interior Architecture & Design from the University of San Francisco and one in Visual Communication Design from Seoul University of Technology. She may also be an overachiever, which is how she still finds time to garden, cook, knit, and—as mentioned—sew.

Elizabeth Crisfield

Assistant Designer. Bin Magician.

Where others see a mess, Elizabeth sees an exciting opportunity to organize with perfectly labeled bins. This organizational rapture carries over to our office, where she happily keeps tabs on every project timeline and tile order while also assisting in design work.

The daughter of a researcher, Elizabeth grew up in dizzying number of cities, including New Orleans, Los Angeles, Seattle, and Bonn, Germany. She joined the Deirdre Doherty team with 2 years of experience at a residential design firm and a BFA from Loyola Marymount. On weekends, she’s likely to be found hanging out with her parents, siblings, and husband, taking walks, or painting large-scale landscapes.

Natasha Afshar

Project Assistant. Office Dog Whisperer.

If France is the question, Natasha’s your answer. She may know an obsessive amount about la République française, but in our office she flexes her expertise at doing anything and everything to support the team, our clients, and Jimmy, our office dog/mascot/heart-breaker. Curious, whipsmart, and energetic, she’s often solved problems before anyone knew they were problems.

Natasha joined Deirdre Doherty Interiors with a BA in English from UC Irvine, an Interior Design Certificate from UCLA, and two years experience as a home décor buyer. When not thinking about the psychology of design, Natasha is likely running, doing yoga, going to concerts, or attempting to achieve maximum coziness.